Auction websites have been around for a while and it seems that they can be quite useful for those who want to get rid of their used or unwanted furniture quickly. With the right strategy and some luck, you can sell furniture in the best possible way. This means that you can expect to get the most for your offer and you can find a buyer fast. So, where can you sell furniture in this way?


Etsy is an online platforms focus on vintage goods, craft supplies, crafts and handmade things. In addition, this website has a separate section focused on furniture. In other words, you can sell furniture there. Keep in mind that the furniture you want to offer must be handmade or at least vintage (at least 20 years old). Don’t forget that you can always apply some modifications to your furniture to make it look handmade. Sellers who are interested in using Etsy should know that there is a very low listing fee and a 3.5% fee of the final price.


We don’t need a special introduction to this online auction site and marketplace. People are using eBay to buy almost everything you can find in physical stores. With over 23 years of experience, eBay is a website that you must take into account when you want to sell furniture online. Remember that there are thousands of daily visitors on this website which means great exposure. It’s possible for sellers to ship their furniture, but they can also offer local pickup. Once you decide to use eBay, you can put up your pieces of furniture on auction, set an initial price and a period of time left for buyers to place bids. There are listing and selling fees although there are zero listing fees offers found from time to time.

This is another interesting auction website that includes elements from classified ad websites. Sellers will have to pay the fee for placing an ad which is quite low for furniture sellers – no more than a dollar per ad. It’s possible to pay in order to place your ad higher in the search results. Finally, every seller can choose to sell their items at a certain price or allow users to make offers. It’s very simple to use this site and there are many people that visit this platform on a daily basis.

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